Happy 16th Birthday Dane!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful "baby" boy. 
I can't believe how fast 16 years has flown by with you.. It breaks my heart a little.
I am so proud of the man you are becoming.  I have no doubt that you are destined for great things son.

I can't wait to celebrate your BIG Day in the BIG APPLE marking off things on our bucket lists.  

I love you so very,very much.

Venice.. last post..

Trip of a lifetime.. still smiling with a happy heart.. can't wait til next year's SPRING FLING..

Colorful BURANO ..

Pretty Burano is one of the many islands of Venice. Famous for silk and brightly colored fisherman's homes it's one of the most beautiful sights in Venice.
I never dreamed I would get so excited about laundry... 
but in Italy, it just. works.

 Ohhhh .. the SPRITZ - MANY.. were consumed...
The Spritz (German: "splash" / "sparkling", also called Spritz Veneziano or just Veneziano) is a wine-based cocktail commonly served as an aperitif in Northeast Italy. The drink is prepared with prosecco wine, a dash of some bitter liqueur such as Aperol, Campari, Cynar, or, especially in Venice, with Select. The glass is then topped off with sparkling mineral water. It is usually served over ice in a lowball glass (or sometimes a martini glass or wine glass) and garnished a slice of orange, or sometimes an olive, depending on the liqueur


Burano is known for its small, brightly painted houses, popular with artists. The colours of the houses follow a specific system originating from the golden age of its development; if someone wishes to paint their home, one must send a request to the government, who will respond by making notice of the certain colours permitted for that lot.
Other attractions include the Church of San Martino, with a leaning campanile and a painting by Giambattista Tiepolo (Crufixion, 1727), the Oratorio di Santa Barbara and the Museum and School of Lacemaking.

love of my life, never been so happy, I deserve this, starting over..

Beautiful, Fantastic VENICE..

Sigh... I am still having a hard time getting back in to "REAL LIFE"
Venice was perfect in every way... 
Spending much needed time with one of my BEST FRIENDS from the US...
I think I am still glowing..
feeling blessed..
Please bare with the picture filled posts to come...

 Looked all over for these "Rice Balls" deep fried & filled with cheese.  -
doesn't matter that I was walking over 10 km a day.. with all of the food and drink..
I may have broke even.
I have no idea who this lady is... but the abslolute JOY on her face was priceless...
I am a big PEOPLE watcher...
I love seeing the joy.. and guessing their story..
I also see the people who are not so happy..
(It is never too late to change your story..)
I love seeing the happy couples taking the trip of a lifetime..
but also see the couples who sit across from each other with nothing to say...
I have been on both sides of the table..
I choose to sit on the joyful side now..
making a consious decision to surround myself with people who make me happy
and are a positive influence on me and my life...
Sometimes, I wish I had made major changes in my life sooner..
but I take comfort in knowing that timing is everything..
and things happen for a reason..
Happy.. joyful.. starting over..

Venice (the suite life) The Liassidi Palace

First stop.. The Liassidi Palace.
I had two days in Venice before my friend arrived & I needed to find somewhere to stay.. My first trip to Venice I was 19 & backpacking with my sister & our friends.  I'm sure we stayed at a hostel and were eating from the grocery stores.  I don't remember much from that trip other than a dissapointing trip to a glass factory. 
I have one picture from that trip..

For the record, I'll kill my kids if I send them on a trip like this and they come home with one picture!

My second trip to Venice was while working on a cruiseship. We, of course stayed on the ship, and when we finally got off work & had time to go a shore, my husband thought Venice was old,dirty & way over priced.  So much for romance in Venice. 

THIS time.. I would do Venice the way I wanted.. I would stop counting every dollar & treat myself.  Damn it! I deserve this.. I decided to go for the suite life.
I booked a room at The Liassidi Palace.  Fantastic, friendly service, great location, great breakfast.. And beautiful large rooms.

Just goes to show.. Getting divorced & starting over, can be pretty damn suite. 
#blessed #singlelife