Never leaving things unsaid

Whilst waiting for the kids to finish swim practice.. I decided to take a walk through old town & stumbled upon an All Saints day celebration... Despite the cold & the rain, it was lovely..
They gave each of a little box, paper and a pencil.  We were told we could write the things we WISHED we had said, to our loved ones who had passed.  I thought & thought & couldn't come up with a single thing.   All of my loved ones who have passed knew how much I love/d them & how important they were to me.  I am thankful for having no regrets about things I should have said.

Nov- a month of being THANKFUL

Thankful in Nov...
I have so many blessings in my life..
and I am happy I have an excuse to write them down this month.

I an sooo THANKFUL for my health, the health of my children and husband
and the health of our parents.

At this moment, I have two friends and a cousin fighting cancer, and additional friends worrying about their parents health.

I am so blessed that this year has been so good to us. and we are all healthy and happy.

#tbt... On Saturday

Doing a little throw back Thursday - on Saturday.. Cause that is how I roll ��

Bjørn and I met at a Royal Caribbean Cruiseline Halloween party 18 years ago- & been together ever since...  Happy "meeting each other" Anniversary Blue Eyes- love you

I'm alive!!

Sorry to worry y'all!
Life is good- very good.
I am keeping myself busy with HAPPY, healthy kids & hubby.
 Dane's leg being broken last spring was actually a BLESSING - yes, I said that.  BLESSING !  Made hubs & I get off of our  butts & move our children to a better environment.
Dane is thriving.. as is the rest of the family.  We were so thrilled with the new school, that we moved baby girl as well.

As if I didn't have enough to do keeping up with the kiddos, I accepted a new position with Oriflame & am responsible for the Norwegian sales team.

I have been traveling all over Norway & have probably been in your area. Lol

I will be going to Northern Norway in the middle of Nov.  so if you have any suggestions of things to do in Tromsø or Narvik, please let me know.

I am unable to post from my laptop - if there is something I missed (update to blogger) let me know... Until then, I will have to try to post from my phone.

Hope you are well, & look forward to hearing from y'all! 

Proof of life... Lol

A tree in the park ...

The words are not mine... I have a fantastic friend who will write about pictures I lay out ... Makes my heart smile .. Thank you!

A Tree in a Park

A mother’s role
Is that of a large oak
To stand tall
Sturdy in the storm
Provide shelter from a spring rain
And shade from a summer sun.

But like a maple
Mothers must always remain sturdy
Grow deep roots
For a solid foundation
From which her family
Like branches can reach.

And like giant spruce
Mothers provide a home
Nests from which her children
Can be nourished
Made safe and
Allowed to grow.

Yet like a single pine
Rising high in neighborhood park
A mother cannot follow
But must wait for her children
To return
When they’ve taken flight.

So we must look upon mothers
With both humility and pride
For we could not be where we are
Without them. Their love
And their plight.