Kegger at Paul Rudd's Mom's house! (catch up)

Kegger At Paul Rudd's Mom's House After Royals Sweep!
(OK.. I didn't make it to the kegger...but it was a nice invite.)
Paul... I love. you..
What a year to be a ROYALS fan.
and #beingroyal was a heck of a way to spend our time in Kansas City.
I was fortunate to make it to a couple of games this summer.. 
One with baby boy & my sister..

and then to GNO.. girls night out..
 I have the coolest group of girlfriends
who never miss a game.. baseball.. football..
those girls know how to party.. woo hoo..


Stormy, Shitty day.. Glad it's over..

Can't say too much really.. But it's been a pretty shitty day..
The storm that never happened was actually the nicest thing about this crappy.. long... day..  

14 days till I'm sipping wine in Venice.. 
Keep on swimming, keep on swimming..

Evening Walk in the Old Town

Couldn't resist y'all..  Just had to share my beautiful view from Fredrikstad; Norway tonight.  
10,000 steps

Mommy Time - catch up

So while the kiddos were having a great time with family and friends in Kansas City
I escaped to the Windy City for a little "mommy time"
after ending my marriage this year..
I think I went a little crazy with the trips home..
I was like a child in a candy store.. ...
After years of only once a year.. I made it home 4 times in 2014.
But is was much needed Tressa time.. 
time to make a plan.. reconnect with friends..
 be surrounded by family and the people who love me most.
it really is amazing how.. after almost 20 years you can (almost) pick up where you left off.
I headed to Chicago, to reconnect with my college friends.. sorority sisters..
 and even "bumped into" the college sweetheart..
most of them are still there... lives have moved on.. some married, some divorced.. kids, no kids..
principals, cops, aritists scientists..
didn't matter.. for one fantastic weekend it was like we were all our 20 somethings selves..
and I could understand how.. despite all of the years and miles..
it felt like nothing had changed..

4th of July 2014 - Nothing sweeter than being home...

4th of July in the states..
I love everything about it..
the kids, the fireworks, the family, friends, food and drink.
this year didn't disappoint.
So nice to come home and be wrapped in the love of my family and friends.
Everyone was just where and what I needed
I needed that fill up to get through the rest of the year...
I am so blessed, in so many ways..

 My adorable mom and beautiful niece Jenna